Why do I need to take my measurements?  That’s a great question and here’s why. Have you ever bought your “normal” size in a store only to have it be way too big or too small?  That’s the limitations with mass producing. By buying something from a small shop you’re getting that custom fit which is achieved by taking the measurements listed on each product. 

It’s incredibly easy, you don’t need any special equipment just a piece of string, a jumprope, anything long and flexible wrap it around your waist or chest, mark it off then use a good old fashioned tape measure(the kind you measure furniture with) and voila you have your measurements.  Doing this will ensure that you get the perfect fit in every thing you buy from my shop. If your measurements aren’t your “normal” don’t worry, it’s all about the best fit possible - remember labels are in the inside.  

Still not sure which size to choose? Drop us a note  - cityviewthreads@gmail.com.